Tax exemption

You earn 40.000 euro (or more) per year, as a couple? Or 30.000 euro (or more) per year, on your own?

You can spare between 70 and 180 euro per month?

You pay more than 200 euro of taxes per month?

Therefore, you are concerned by the legal provisions, allowing you to reduce your tax, in order to invest them in real estate. At PELTIER-RÉGENT IMMOBILIER & PATRIMOINE, we offer you real estate properties eligible to those schemes.

Why investing ?

Because the current retirement pension is about 600 euro per month, and because it is unlikely that it increases in the coming years, plan your retirement in advance, by generating additional income thanks to the rents collected by the rental of your property.

Protect your family : you can rent the property to your children or parents (if they are not included in your tax household) while benefiting from tax advantages. Furthermore, upon your death, your property is transferred to your heirs fully paid, thanks to life insurance.

Build up a heritage, without any mandatory personal contribution.

Benefit from the tax reduction granted by this program: up to 63.000 euro of tax reduction in 12 years.

Saving between 70 and 180 euro is enough to build up a heritage.

How to finance an investment « PINEL »?

  • You purchase a new property (house or apartment) located in an area eligible for the scheme
  • The State gives you 12% to 21% back of the purchase’s price as a tax reduction (up to 63 000€)
  • You rent this property for 6, 9 or 12 years
  • You collect rents throughout the rental period

We put at your disposal the establishment of the first tenant, and a management agent for your tranquility and a performing management, with an unpaid rent guarantee.

We support the notary fees and interim interests.

Please reach us to discuss your heritage projects.